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Hello there! I'm the owner: ryrymuffins. You can call me Riley, seeing as that's my name.

I decided I'd lay down a few basic rules first before people get posting.

1) When you post a link to a story make sure you have the following layout (or at least something similar, meaning containing the same information):

Summary: [insert summary here]

Mature: [yes or no here] Note: you can tell us how mature it is (ex. slightly, moderately) No extremely mature fics will be allowed to be linked here.

Link: [insert link here]

If you want to include any other information, please do.

2) Be nice to each other obviously. Constructive criticism is welcome, so remember that before you post your link. Post your constructive criticism or other feedback in the comment section on the post, or on the website they link to.

3) Remember that all posts must be approved by me before they're posted. Don't worry though, it's unlikely that you'll be rejected if you follow the rules correctly.

Jumper - Attack On Titan

Here's my other newly completed Attack On Titan fanfiction. I do hope you enjoy.

Summary: Riley Dodds has been jumping into TV shows for years now. At 23, she finally decides to jump into Attack On Titan (bringing plenty of things with her). This time, however, she decides to do something she's never done before: she's going to save someone's life.

Mature: No

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/77508625-jumper-attack-on-titan-wattys2016-complete

I'm looking for some good constructive criticism so if you have any, please share. Thank you!

- Riley

Fall - Attack On Titan

This is my first completed Attack On Titan fanfiction. It's OC x Levi and I worked very hard on it, and constructive criticism would be much appreciated.

Summary: Ally had a difficult family past. To get away from her father, she decided to join the scout regiment. Where she quickly became a valued member of the team. Years later, still grappling with her past, she continues to help unravel the mystery that is human titan transformation.

Mature: Slightly yes

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/76566161-fall-attack-on-titan-wattys2016-complete